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SymbolsongS - CD

The Grass Gypsys: Symbolsongs


"Symbolsongs" is the new album from husband and wife duo- The Grass Gypsys.  The 9 song album features their live band and is a fun, exciting foray into a life of love, adventure and inspiration!

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Lessons From Eden - CD

The Grass Gypsys: Lessons From Eden

The Grass Gypsys' second full length album, Lessons From Eden, is a dynamic ten song collection chroniciling a year of traveling, making music.  Release date: 2/22/08

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Legends, Myths and Fairytales - CD

The Grass Gypsys: Legends, Myths, And Fairytales

The debut album from the Acoustic Fustion duo, The Grass Gypsys.  This 8 song CD captures the essence of love, divine awakenings, and the promise of adventure, as expressed through the duo's diverse and original musical background.

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