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The Grass Gypsys: Listen

Take Me Away

(The Grass Gypsys)
February 22, 2008
Words & Music: Justin & Colleen Kleya
This song was written in phases: the main guitar riff was written at an office Justin worked at for a short time, the first verse came while staying at a cottage in upstate New York for a Phil Lesh and Friends show, the second verse was inspired as Colleen sat in the back of the van while we cruised the South West, and it all wrapped up chilling in L.A. with our dear friend Nathan who hipped us to the R&B chord.
Just parked after a long ride up, we’re in Saratoga Springs.
And the mid-day bustle of a local life revives that spirit of revelry.
We’re bound thirteen miles north, out of town, to a cottage nestled
under one Oak tree. The Hudson grows fast and near, too much rain
for this time of year, but its news to me.

Ooo Baby, river runs through the heart of me.
Ooo Baby, won’t you take me away,
won’t you take me away again.

Burnt orange muds hardened into pueblo’s and plains,
That open into Southwest discovery.
Wind whirls outside the van, a mirage to match the sky,
As we drive signs remind: RESERVATIONS nearby.

Oooo Baby, the road is expanding.
Oooo Baby, won’t you take me away,
Won’t you take me away again.

I always had a dream that I’d make music and travel this world,
Every inch, every seam. You are my match, my destiny.
I’d travel anywhere; I don’t care, as long as it’s you and me.

Won’t you take me away, take me away again.