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The Grass Gypsys: Lyrics

I Cannot Stand The Gloom

(The Grass Gypsys)
September 19, 2006
Colleen & Justin Kleya

Justin wrote this as a jazz ballad and Colleen then wrote the lyrics to his haunting melody. It it an example of our jazz roots. Enjoy!

Dull Light everythings gray, I cannot stand the gloom.

No spring time chatter, our love everafter

has gone with the season of flowers a-bloom.


Gaia, take me away, I cannot stand this pain,

New day is dawning, but I keep on yawning,

Hope in my dreams I will see your sweet face.


How I adore you, I long for the words to say how I love you.

Past times, hard times, riddles and rhymes were the best that I could do.


How I wish you would stay, I cannot stand the gloom,

Leaves browned and falling, winter keeps calling,

No sun today.