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The Grass Gypsys: Lyrics

2 Colors

(The Grass Gypsys)
September 19, 2006
Collen & Justin Kleya

This is the first song we wrote together from start to finish.  Writtten in Jamaica Plain, MA. during the Winter of 2006.

I wanna fly, I wanna fly away like a bird
and free my mind.
Way up high where no one can reach,
that is where I'd like to be, to be free,
oh, I and I.
I wanna fly like a bird, I wanna fly so high.
High above this city skyline.
Fly as far as mind's eye can reach,
starlight and spirit when you believe you are free,
oh, I and I.
Oh, I want to fly away.  
Like a bird and soar the sky.
I wanna fly so high and away,
over mountain and ocean side.
I'm like a bird, I want to fly,
so I and I can find peace of mind.
High above the green tree tops,
away from the bright city lights
to freedom, oh, I and I.
To be free, oh, I and I.