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The Grass Gypsys: Lyrics

The Traveling Song

(The Grass Gypsys)
September 8, 2006
Justin & Colleen Kleya

This song camethe summer of 2006, while living in Jamaica plain and preparing to go on our first cross-country tour. It was foreboding, because we met kind people everywhere we went.

I'm packing all the things I've carried around my whole life

Like many pack-rats do.

Sold, Stored, Given away, I don't need much anyway,

Traveling, making music my whole life.


I've traded in my sports car, for an old-school motorhome.

Left my piano, with my friends.

So I'll play on these here strings and hope that I'd remember everything,

Traveling making music my whole life.


Don't know where I'm going, or how long I will stay,

The thrill of new places, gets me going everyday,

And I hope I meet kind people all along the way,

Traveling making music my whole life.