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The Grass Gypsys: Lyrics

Beacon of Light

(The Grass Gypsys)
September 19, 2006
Colleen & Justin Kleya

 We started writing Beacon of Light on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA... We were getting ready for a big jump away from a day to day of 9-5, to realizing that playing music was truly becoming our life purpose and the music was giving us the end of that year we'd packed up to begin our first cross-country tour.

Took a clear light, strong and bright, to burn through the haze.

Computer screens and neon light for five long days,

But in the night when he finally drives away,

He awakes because it's time to play.


Walk out the door, try not to look back,

Look out, the sun is setting in the west,

It's been a hard day and I'm dull as a butter knife,

But awake as I drive into the night.


Music brings the clear light mind

Took a clear light strong and bright to burn through the haze...